The History Of A Stalker

Don't let this idea fool you: Stalking and love have NOTHING in common.
Don't let this idea fool you: Stalking and love have NOTHING in common.

This site has been created to show to web people how easy is to cross a stalker, a faker, and a nutcase over the web.


This is a true experience that I have been willing to share to warn others about THIS particular stalker (still painfully active in her fakery and obsessions) and about the whole of availability of crazy heads online.


Through this sharing, hopefully you all will get a push in living the web experience with less naivity.


I love the web for its full contents that satisfy my curiosity; I can sure see its "social" appeal.


But nonetheless, real life is always the only life that matters.

Stalkers, Fakers, Obsessive people have trouble in dealing with real life; instead of condoning them about it, we should just realize there are things that need to be done to prevent the web space to be such an easy receptacle of disfunctional people.


These people are weapons ready to explode.


Let's stop them before the trigger is pulled.


Through these pages, I am convinced some of you will look at themselves and realize that maybe they are putting too much into the web, just because to feel social there seems easier and less demanding than to build some real social circle outside.


That's true, but it's also a trap for your personality.


The web should come with this easy tip under:

Use with Care&Moderation.


And always, use it with Brain, and Open Eyes, too.


Enjoy this true story.


I am sure some of you will/could be amazed in discovering through the tips given in these pages that they're hanging out with a total faker who should just book himself/herself into a medical center, and get treatement.


Even though I am also pretty sure some others, facing these kinds of unconvenient truths, will love to keep eyes and ears shut, just because confronting themselves with truth will remain too much of a demanding process to handle without compromising a faible and frajile perception of oneself.


But ehi... not everyone is born to be decently brave.

Web again is generally the perfect place for this kind of half-fitting and merely truly sociable people and well... nobody can teach anybody to be a better human, if they don't feel fit for it.


Hope you are ready for disveiling the fog that covered your eyes and spirit for a while.


Let's get it started...


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